Metalworking professionals for more than 30 years

We machine, classic and CNC
starting with aluminum through stainless steel to plastics.

Performance overview
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Laser marking

Engraving marks


Surface finishes

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30 years of experience

Unique technologies and composition of machines in Central Europe.

We offer 3 to 5 axis milling with CAD/CAM software support.

We carry out surface and cylindrical grinding on precision machines.

Last but not least, we also offer precision machining on the machining centers.

Custom production

Please give us an order and we will take care of the rest.

Based on your technical documentation, we are able to program the production process, which we test and optimize.

According to the client requests we are also happy to assure the complete needs of the customer, such as small assemblies of units and assemblies of parts with threaded inserts “Helicoil, ENSAT, KP”.

Modern equipment

We have got our own technology room equipped with modern measuring technology by Wenzel company.

We have got the most advanced technology of pallet systems that works with the utmost precision and can be used to expedite our customers' requirements.

Precise products made from the high quality material

We strive for accurate and precise production with delivery to our customers in requested time window.

The technical specifications enter our production, where precise products are created, exactly according to your requirements.

We use the most modern CNC machines for production.

Delivery dates

We strive not only for accurate and precise production, but also for tdelivery directly to you In requested time.

Own transport

We deliver the products directly to your doorstep.

We carry out our own transport of finished products both within the Czech Republic and abroad.

Our team

Managing Director

Bc. Lukáš Cejthamr

+420 608 055 851


Aleš Nejepsa

+420 725 733 433

Production cooperation

Jiří Vymětalík

+420 773 775 667

Purchase of materials

Michal Novák

+420 774 849 334